Resource Description
Massive Akkadian Bibliography Mentally prepare yourself before opening this one.
Babylonian and Assyrian: A History of Akkadian A very good, long article on the history of Akkadian
Bibliography of Urkesh and the Hurrians A collection of many resources related to the area.
Ancient Babylonia Assorted topics of culture and history. Scroll to the bottom to see them.
The Akkadians An online repository of information on the Akkadians.
Akkad: The Presentation See also the upcoming Akkad: Live in Vegas show.
A Bird's Eye View of Mesopotamia Gives information on mythology, geography, people, and other items.
Phonological Representation in Akkadian Orthography A short, interesting discussion of the phonology of Akkadian and some of the shortcomings of the Sumerian script.
Cuneiform Digital Library Journal An online journal with many articles.
Mesopotomia at the British Museum A nice online presentation.
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