Resource Description
Arabic Alphabet Chart In PDF form.
Fundamentals of Classical Arabic Lots of useful charts for verbs and nouns.
Understand Arabic in 12 Tables Eh, it will probably take a bit more effort than this to understand it, but the tables are in color.
Verb Conjugations In a website, not a PDF.
Basic Arabic Verb Conjugation Pretty short, but it has a sheet for practice.
Dictionary of Arabic Verb Conjugation An enormous PDF.
Arabic Verbs A lot of different verbs, with a lot of ways of learning about the conjugations, including some really nice PDFs.
Arabic Verbs Made Easy PDFs Again, "easy" might be a relative term here.
Arabic Verb and Noun Conjugation PDFs Lots of different examples.
Grammatical Inflections A short explanation.
Arabic Case Inflection A few short tables.
Arabic Nouns More tables on this page.
Arabic Case System A useful explanation of how the cases work.
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