Resource Description
An Arabic-English Lexicon For online use.
An Arabic-English Lexicon For online use.
Searchable Arabic-English Lexicon The same as the text above, but searchable.
Quran Dictionary For the words of the Quran.
Dictionary of the Holy Quran A nice PDF file with a lot of explanations.
Dictionary of Quranic Usage An even nicer PDF file with even more explanations.
The Easy Dictionary of the Quran With a very useful index at the beginning.
Dictionary of the Quran Another very, very long PDF.
Quran Wordlist A list of words appearing in the Quran.
Project Rootlist An attempt at documenting the roots of the words in the Quran.
Kitab Al Ayn A very old lexicon.
Dictionary of Arabic Philosophy A PDF created from a website.
Online Dictionary of Arabic Philosophical Terms A bit easier to navigate than the PDF above.
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