Resource Description
Marcion Database By far the best option for a Coptic dictionary. Download, install, enjoy. A seriously excellent resource.
Mani Coptic Dictionary Appears to contain the same Coptic dictionary as the Marcion database, but without all the other resources.
Crum Online #1 Includes Greek and Arabic indices.
Crum Online #3 Includes Coptic character entry.
Crum Online #4 Probably the least-accessible copy around.
Crum Online #5 There really are a lot of ways to get this book. Just use Marcion, though.
Bohairic Dictionary PDF Extremely useful to have around, especially at the Bohairic grocery store when you can't remember how to ask for broccoli.
Coptic-Latin Dictionary See also the Latin-Coptic dictionary.
Another Coptic-Latin Dictionary The Lexicon Linguae Copticae
Yet Another Coptic-Latin Dictionary The Venerable Lexicon Aegyptiaco-Latinum
How Many Coptic-Latin Dictionaries Are There? This one includes Arabic and is very, very old.
Words and Frequencies in the NT A very useful resource for the study of the Coptic NT.
Coptic Vocabulary List A short PDF file.
Short English-Coptic Vocabulary With illustrative sentences, taken from many different sources.
English-Coptic List A medium-sized list of words.
Coptic-English List The counterpart to the above.
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