Resource Description
John Martin Plumley Also available in Marcion. Came before Layton's time.
Compendious Coptic Grammar Quite compendious and quite old.
Bohairic Morphology A nice summary including good verb tables.
Sahidic Morphology Another nice summary, this for the Sahidic dialect.
Grammaire Copte In French; contains a chrestomathy.
German Coptic Grammar From 1880, by Stern.
Other German Coptic Grammar This one comes from 1850, by Schwartze and Steinthal.
Grammatica Linguae Copticae Like all great works, written in Latin.
Rudimenta Linguae Copticae For when you know Latin and only need the rudiments of something.
Layton's Coptic in 20 Lessons The internet is a strange, wonderful place.
Learn Coptic Online A great set of lessons, very well put together and fun to use.
Coptic Bohairic Lessons A decent site.
Coptic Lessons Online From the St. Shenouda website; you'll need a special font.
The 14-Step Coptic Lessons Requires a Coptic font.
Listen and Learn Coptic Become an Egyptian person, from the time of the pharaohs...
Learn Bohairic Online PDF files, although they don't appear to use the Coptic characters...
Learn with Transliterations We're not really convinced that this is the best way.
Short Introductory Course PDF Calling all deacons and Sunday schools!
Coptic Lessons A short series.
Simplified Coptic Lessons Sadly, it looks like there's only one.
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