Resource Description
The Coptic Encyclopedia A truly majestic collection.
Short Bibliography of Coptic Studies Not complete, certainly, but a nice place to begin.
Some Very Old Coptic Reference Books In many different languages, including Coptic. To read them, click on the title, then click the image of the book.
Checklist of Old Text Editions Papyri, ostraca, and tablets.
List of Coptic study resources A list of print and other materials.
Study of the Coptic Calendar Looks good, though we certainly aren't experts.
Bibliography of Coptic Phonology A very nice list, with links to the files.
Second Bibliography A collection from a conference.
Journal of Coptic Studies Unfortunately you have to have an institutional subscription to access this.
Coptic Church Review FREE scholarship!
Gerard Luttikhuizen A personal website, with some articles.
April Deconick Another scholar.
Alin Suciu A third scholar.
Kame Forum You can feel their excitement - serious Coptic enthusiasts are here, so join the group and contribute to their projects.
St. Shenouda portal For many topics of Coptica.
Remenkimi portal Various items of interest.
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