Resource Description
Sahidic New Testament A very lovely file with the entire NT.
Bohairic New Testament From the same source as the Sahidic above.
Collection of the Coptic NT Relevant files are #'s 115, 127, 128, 129, and 131.
Coptic Bible Online PDF files, and other pages require a Coptic font.
The Unbound Bible Bible texts online in many languages with parallel viewing.
Moheb's Coptic Bible books A number of scanned books with Coptic biblical texts.
University of Bonn Collection Great texts here.
Coptic Scriptorium Awesome site!
Italian Papyri Website You might need to know Italian...
Nag Hammadi Let's disco dance, Nag Hammadi!
Coptic Text Database In French; you can search.
MODERN coptic texts! What do you mean, you thought the language was dead?!?
Bohairic - Arabic NT PDF files; the Coptic is below the Arabic for each chapter.
The Coptic Pentateuch Book in German, text in Coptic.
A few Coptic OT Books Only certain ones, though.
Coptic NT Bohairic Large files; there are better options. Luke/John, Paul, other books.
Coptic NT Sahidic Same as above. John, Paul 1 & 2, Acts, Catholic Epistles/Revelation.
Sahidic Deuteronomy, Jonah, Acts It's a new biblical papyrus!
Coptic version of Acts The great Acta Apostolorum.
Coptic Book of Job He was a very just man.
Coptic Manuscripts Online Images, plus descriptions and other information.
More Coptic Manuscripts From the St. Shenouda Coptic Society, with descriptions.
Images of Coptic Manuscripts Many different texts, lots of fun to read!
Coptic Texts, Books, and Manuscripts Take the time to look around, it's worth it.
Coptic Apocrypha The Upper Egyptian dialect.
Miscellaneous Coptic Texts In the dialect of Upper Egypt. A large PDF file.
Gospel of Judas From National Geographic.
Gospel of Thomas An interlinear PDF.
Coptic Doxologies A number of different doxologies.
Apostolical Constitutions Contains an English translation.
Coptic Psalter Bless the Freer collection!
Martyrdom of Saint George Lots of Coptic to read.
Short Texts in Coptic Our man Crum makes an appearance.
Martyrdom of Saint Helias In French, with Coptic.
Life of the Coptic Patriarch Isaac With a critical analysis in French.
Coptic Fragments from Christian History From various places (in French, with Coptic).
BYU Coptic Resources Various Coptic texts.
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