Resource Description
Thesaurus Linguae Aegyptiae You need to register in order to look up words. Registration is free, however. An excellent resource.
Demotic Dictionary of the Oriental Institute Scroll down and click the arrows to download.
Budge's Egyptian Dictionary A classic text. The link goes to volume 1, and volume 2 is also available.
Hieroglyphics Dictionary With various types of entry and instructions. You can also browse through the listing.
Dictionnaire Rosette An Egyptian-French dictionary. All the instructions are in French as well, but as always, Chrome can help.
Demotic Egyptian-German Wordlist Can be used all online.
French Egyptian Dictionary An older book online.
French Hieroglyphics Lexicon Or "Lexique Hieroglyphique."
German Egyptian Dictionary There always has to be a Handworterbuch...
Gardiner's Sign List Very useful and important to know for the language.
Cooperative Ancient Egyptian Dictionary Works as a wiki. Some annoying ads, unfortunately.
Color Hieroglyphic Dictionary In French, but organized by parts of speech and other divisions.
A Signlist Link is on the right side, under "language."
The Beinlich Wordlist Supports transcription and German entry.
Hieroglyphics list Instructions are in French, has thousands of entries.
Middle-Egyptian Portugese Dictionary Instructions are all in Portugese as well.
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