Resource Description
Duke Demotic Manuscripts Online Images and descriptions.
Duke Hieratic Manscripts Online Images and descriptions - the same collection as above.
Demotic Papyri Lots of different texts.
Katalog der Papyrussammlung Various ways of searching.
Trismegistos Many papyrological and epigraphical resources.
Chicago Papyri Collection Many different kinds of texts.
Hieroglyphic Texts from the British Museum England ended up with most of the good stuff.
AEL Text Index A list of texts - some give lots of help for reading, others none at all.
Thotweb's Texts Online Site is in French, but it has many links.
Papyrus of Ani A facsimile. See volume 2.
Various Egyptian Texts Tutankhamen, Amenism, and others.
The Rosetta Stone Not the company with those annoying ads on Pandora and in airplane magazines. A fascinating story.
Egyptian Readings for Beginners An older but useful book.
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