Resource Description
Etruscan Wordlist With a bit of information about loanwords and some other information.
Etruscan Glossary A decent amount of words.
Online Etruscan-English Dictionary Translates Etruscan words and phrases, apparently.
Short Etruscan Glossary Very short, unfortunately.
Etruscan Phrases A medium-sized list of Etruscan phrases with English translations.
Etruscan Vocabulary A short list of words, divided by sets of meanings.
Another Etruscan Glossary Over 1000 entries, it claims, but you have to sign up to download it.
Etruscan Verbs and Other Parts of Speech Scroll down and click "next" to see the rest.
PDF Etruscan Glossary In somewhat of a confusing format, unfortunately.
Tentative Etymological Glossary A PDF around 15 pages long, with some good information.
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