Resource Description
Gothic Bible Lexicon Includes the text of the Bible; definitions are accessed by clicking words, but they are in German.
Meso-Gothic Glossary An older book, but useful; PDF download is 6.0 MB.
Gothic/Greek/German Dictionary Many different formats--HTML, PDF, XML, etc. Part of the Wulfila project.
Online Gothic-English Dictionary Also has Gothic-English.
German-Gothic Dictionary Written in 1890. Not surprisingly, many works on Gothic are in German.
Gothic Dictionary Again, written in German.
Comparative Glossary A very large PDF file, but attention given to English.
Different Version, Same Glossary I guess if your name is Balg, you have to study Gothic.
Etymological Dictionary Again, it will help to know German. As in, you'll need to know German in order to read this.
Glossary of the Gothic Language German will also help here.
Comparative Dictionary of Gothic Written in German.
Etymology of the Gothic Language You guessed it, in German.
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