Resource Description
Helma Dik's handouts Excellent charts, including a great verb chart.
Karl Maurer's handouts A long set of handouts for learning Greek.
Compact Greek PDFs Contains a great deal of information.
Greek Morphology Summary Also looks very useful.
First-Year Review With a text from Xenophon. Has commentary and is very useful!
Basics of the Verbal System An HTML page.
Greek Particles A list of particles used in Plato.
Accenting Greek Verbs How the recessive accent rule is applied.
Accenting Enclitics The rules for accenting enclitics.
Accenting First Declension Nouns Only first declension here.
Prolegomena to Self-Study of Homer "Step 1: search for nearest mental institution."
On Reciting Ancient Greek For some classicists, this is an absolute art.
Study guide for Plato's Apology Includes grammar, vocabulary, and quiz materials.
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