Resource Description
Liddell-Scott-Jones Online Just call it "The Lexicon." Enough said.
Perseus Project Word entry is a bit more difficult here. Also, I'm sometimes not clear on the differences in function and purpose between the TLG online and the Greek side of the Perseus Project.
Marcion Database Mainly for the study of Coptic, but contains a searchable Greek dictionary.
New Greek-English Lexicon to the NT An older book.
Theological Dictionary of the NT #50 on this list of documents. The download is a .chm file; search online for information about how to open it. You normally use a web browser.
English-Greek Dictionary Woodhouse's English to Greek Dictionary, part of the University of Chicago library.
Ancient and Modern Greek Dictionary Both English to Greek and Greek to English.
Liddell and Scott PDF A massive download. A bit unwieldy to use but will probably be useful for some.
Woodhouse PDF Again, a very large download, but may be useful for some.
Greek and Latin Dictionary For the true classicist!
Archimedes Project Dictionary Difficult to use.
English-Greek Dictionary A vocabulary of the Attic language.
A New Greek and English Lexicon ...which is now almost 200 years old.
Strong's Online For both Hebrew and Greek.
Hellenistic Greek Course Lexicon For use with the Hellenistic Greek online course.
1000 Common Greek Words "So arranged as to be most easily learned and remembered."
Pocket Lexicon of the Greek NT A useful resource.
Lexicon to Herodotus A bit difficult to search, but good for reading Herodotus.
Handbook of Greek synonyms Useful for writing Attic prose and poetry when you really need to woo with style.
Greek Etymologies A very useful resource for tracing word histories.
Some Greek Etymologies A much smaller resource with more description.
Dictionary of Greek Proper Names In German.
Principles of Greek Etymology From reviewer NikosJohnson: "!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Thanks, Nikos.
Greek-French Dictionary Words are in the left column, definitions in French.
Greek-Italian Dictionary You can click to enter Greek letters.
Vocabulaire Classique French, English, modern and ancient Greek.
Greek-German Dictionary Also very old.
Dictionnaire Etymologique Greek etymological dictionary in French.
Dictionnaire Etymologique 2 Older than the one above.
Illustrated Dictionary to Anabasis For use with the first four books of Xenophon's Anabasis, which you can find below.
Glossary of Greek Birds Is that a dissertation I smell?
Semantic Study of Greek Bird Names Really. It's in French, unfortunatey.
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