Resource Description
Ancient History Sourcebook For many different languages.
Washburn's Biblical Languages Lots of resources for Biblical languages and study.
Voice of the Shuttle Classics An extensive library of resources for the study of the classics.
Sites of Interest for Classicists A list maintained by the University of Chicago library.
Catalogue of Internet Resources for Philology Site is in German.
Dictionary of Greek and Roman Antiquities A classical encyclopedia from a long time ago.
Checklist of Old Text Editions Papyri, ostraca, and tablets.
Guide to Greek Lexicography Discussions of many different topics.
Suda Online Guide to Byzantine lexicography.
Theoi Greek Mythology Great for information about the theoi (gods) and mythology.
Women and Gender in the Ancient World Essays, images, links, and an extensive bibliography.
The Amphoras Project A site dedicated to old, ceramic storage containers.
Ancient Greece A great collection of many different topics.
Art in the Mediterranean With pictures of items from around the area.
Photographs of Ancient Greece In color and black and white.
Theoi Greek Mythology Great for information about the theoi (gods) and mythology.
Materials for Sparta Study See also the bibliography.
The Knossos A very interesting archaeological site in Greece.
Sport in Greek Antiquity Another good bibliography.
Encyclopedia Mythica For different kinds of mythology.
Aegean Prehistoric Cultures A series of lessons and other resources.
Bryn Mawr Classics Review An excellent site with reviews of works in the classics.
Digressus An online journal for the classical world.
Electronic Antiquity Communicating the classics.
Phoenix An online journal from the Classical Association of Canada.
TOCS-IN Table of contents for journals that are of interest to classics studies.
Scholia Studies in classical antiquity. Older editions available online.
Histos An online journal for ancient historiography.
Studia Humaniora Tartuensia An online, international journal for classical studies.
Museum of Archaeology Online From the University of Michigan. Some really cool online exhibits.
Bibliography of Hellenistic Greek Linguistics A very good bibliography with links.
The Beazley Archive A division of Oxford dedicated to the study of classical art. The site includes many old photographs.
Free National Greek Exam For use by professors and teachers.
New Observations on Voice A very technical piece of work.
Homer in a Changing Tradition Taking on the Homeric Problem.
The Musical Pitch Accent in Greek When you're passionate about pronunciation.
Oral Reading of Greek With audio, and texts read out loud.
Didaskalia The journal for ancient performance.
Trajan's Column Everything you ever wanted to know about it.
A Compendium of Greek Phonology You'll need to know something about phonetics to understand this.
Alexander the Great Bibliography Includes ancient sources.
Greek and Roman Women Bibliography A very brief one.
Ancient Lives Project Participate in cataloguing papyri!
Stoa Consortium For digital classicists everywhere.
Greek Language and Linguistics By Michael Palmer.
En Epheso Studies in Greek Language and Linguistics.
Hypotyposeis Sketches in Christian Origins.
rogueclassicism A blog dedicated to classical things.
NT Discourse Removing the mystery from discourse grammar.
NT Resources Blog New Testament-related discussion, but also material about the grammar.
Attalus Greek and Latin Online Links to translations of many different classical texts.
Audio-Visual Database of Classics Resources A searchable site with many good results.
The Greeks, and the Parthenon in 3D! Fun to play around with.
Classics Poetry Readings Just the best.
Homer In Performance More stuff, read aloud!
Homer aloud...with lyre! Ah, those halcyon days...or were they elysian?
Mythology in Theater An overview of how mythology has influenced the performing arts. Thanks to Elizabeth and her daughter for the pointer!
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