Resource Description
Greekt NT Online Various versions of the text online.
Judeopedia A French site with a very convenient side-by-side Bible with Hebrew, French, English, Latin, and Greek. Can also produce PDF files. An excellent site.
SBL Greek NT A critical edition in a very nice file.
Greek NT with conjugation and analysis You can also search for words by grammatical categories. Simply excellent.
Greek NT with grammatical analysis Extremely useful site.
Greek NT Reader An online reader with lots of options and different editions of the Bible. Contains definitions of words.
Septuagint Online Links are in the middle of the page; the LXX is on the left, and the NT on the right.
Septuagint downloadable files In djvu format, so you'll need a viewer. Very nice copies of the work.
Septuagint in HTML and .doc format Link for the .doc file is at the bottom of the page. With a more recent version of Word you can create a PDF file from this.
Multilingual Bible Program Contains the Church Slavonic, Greek, Latin, French, and German texts of the Bible, plus others. A wonderful program. You must enter a password to install it. To get the password, visit http://yegor.info/bible and email the proprietor. He will respond quickly with the password. Don't wait, get it now!
Greek NT Online with concordance Find a passage and click a word to see all of its uses. A great tool!
Septuagint Online with concordance Based on the same database as above. An excellent resource.
Greek NT and French translation Easy to use.
Septuagint and French translation Very access to navigate through the LXX.
Greek NT Manuscript Comparison Allows you to pull up various editions of the Greek NT in order to see similarities, differences, changes, and the like. Very useful.
Another Greek NT Site has an obnoxious login, but can be very useful.
Biblos Scripture Text Choose a passage to view in a number of languages. Contains an embedded lexicon.
Blue Letter Bible Another multilanguage biblical comparison tool.
The Unbound Bible Bible texts online in many languages with parallel viewing.
Codex Sinaiticus The oldest complete copy of what we know as the New Testament.
Interlinear Greek/English NT Easy to use and navigate.
Online Greek Reader For biblical and non-biblical texts alike. Very fun to use!
Library of Ancient Texts Online Links to many other sites with old Greek texts.
Perseus Project For instructions on how to use the Perseus Project website, see our how-to page.
Introduction to Greek and Latin Epigraphy For absolute beginners.
Searchable Greek Inscriptions A really great site.
Harvard Digital Papyri The collection of the Houghton Library.
Aphrodias in Late Antiquity Lots of inscriptions available to view.
Greek Epigraphy Resources A collection of various sites.
Bibliotheca Augustana Many Greek manuscripts online.
Duke Greek Manuscripts Online Descriptions with images and other information.
Greek Poetry Online Very nice PDFs with commentary. An excellent site.
Oxyrhyncus Papyri Online A searchable database, though not with access to everything.
Herculaneum Papyri Facsimiles Another searchable database.
Greek Texts Online - Alpheios Is a good beginning, but difficult to use, at least for now.
Testament of the 12 Patriarchs All in Greek.
Texts from Greek Church Fathers Quite a large collection of Greek texts online from various church fathers.
Life of Adam and Eve A critical edition in Greek. Search this page for "life of adam and eve."
Greek Manuscripts Online Many links to scans of original copies.
Online Greek Reader For biblical and non-biblical texts alike. Very fun to use!
Greek abbreviations used in manuscripts Can be very confusing if you don't know what they are.
Greek ligatures A "ligature" is a combination of two letters in a manuscript.
Papyrology Resources Online Links to more websites, some of which are featured on the Greek main page.
More Papyrological Resources Online An Oxford site which features links to many databases and projects.
Greek Texts Online There are better places to get what you need.
First Four Books of Anabasis By Xenophon. See the illustrated dictionary in the partial dictionaries section.
Book XII of the Odyssey In Greek.
Easy Selections from Plato A very good author to begin advanced study.
Apology of Socrates A good text to learn more advanced skills.
Homer PDF texts Not sure how complete this is, but includes line and book numbers.
Searchable Variants in Homer Looks like a cool site here.
Aeschylus' Prometheus Bound Dramatic works tend to be more difficult than philosophical works.
Selections from Herotodus See the lexicon to Herodotus in the dictionaries above.
Iliad Books XIX - XXIV In Greek. See more Homer below.
Odyssey Books V - VIII See above for more Homer, plus the Homeric grammar in the grammars section.
Anabasis Book VI By Xenophon; see more of his work above.
Aesop's Fables in Greek With illustrations.
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