Resource Description
BDB This links to the portal page for the large work, not to the file itself.
Semantic Dictionary of Biblical Hebrew A useful online source.
Targumim, Talmud, and Midrashic Dictionary An extremely useful book.
Old Testament Hebrew Lexicon Searchable in different ways; requires a Hebrew font.
Hebrew-English Pocket An older PDF book.
Hebrew-English Index to Gesenius For use with Gesenius' lexicon.
German Hebrew Lexicon More for our friends the Germanicans!
Online Hebrew Dictionary Everything in Hebrew.
Hebrew Dictionary in French Lots of other resources.
Strong's Online For both Hebrew and Greek.
Hebrew Words in Strong's Indexed by Strong's number, without Hebrew characters.
Student's Vocabulary Words are grouped by frequency, so this can be very useful.
Biblical Hebrew Base Vocab Translations are in French.
Ancient Hebrew Research Center With Strong's numbers and the ancient spelling.
Hebrew/English Wordlist Lots of names and terms.
English and Hebrew Lexicon Very old.
Hebrew Terms and Phrases Discussions of various words and phrases.
Frequent Hebrew Words Sometimes, you're just glad that someone else did it.
Hebrew Philosophical Dictionary A very, very large PDF file.
Hebrew Roots Dictionary You'll have to translate from the French, but it's very easy to use.
Semitic Roots Dictionary Via the Wayback Machine.
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