Resource Description
Brill's Encyclopaedia of Judaism The real deal. Search this page for "encyclopaedia of judaism."
Encyclopedia of Judaism From 2006.
Washburn's Biblical Languages Lots of resources for Biblical languages and study.
Jewish Texts Many traditional Jewish texts in English.
Texts and Criticism of the OT Many sites available, plus audio and textual criticism.
Dead Sea Scrolls and other links Links to sites with Bible resources, as well
1906 Jewish Encyclopedia The full, unedited text.
Semitic Languages A very nice, concise explanation in PDF format.
Study of Mishnaic Hebrew A list of historical milestones.
Jewish History Online Year by year, apparently.
Jewish Virtual Library Many different topics.
History of the Jews in Modern Times A more contemporary resource.
Bibliography of Hebrew Grammar In the 20th century. Includes Ugaritic.
Offline Sources Many books and resources for the study of Hebrew and Semitics.
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