Resource Description
Online Hebrew OT With many other versions as well.
Judeopedia A French site with a very convenient side-by-side Bible with Hebrew, French, English, Latin, and Greek. Can also produce PDF files. An excellent site.
The Unbound Bible Bible texts online in many languages with parallel viewing.
Hebrew OT Reader Easy to use, useful even for beginners.
The Hebrew Bible Easy navigation, no vowels.
Hebrew Bible Online Book names in Hebrew. Text has vocalizations.
Several Hebrew Bibles The old text in various forms, with some parallel works as well.
Biblos Scripture Text Choose a passage to view in a number of languages. Contains an embedded lexicon.
Blue Letter Bible Another multilanguage biblical comparison tool.
Interlinear Hebrew/English OT Easy to navigate, not easy to download.
Aleppo Codex Online Read the original.
HTML Hebrew OT A zip file; unzip and place all files in the same folder to navigate.
Various Hebrew OT links Includes audio codices and audio recordings.
Papyrus of the 10 Commandments Very useful article with edited Hebrew of the text.
Hebrew New Testament Some older files, requires the djvu viewer.
Hebrew Manuscripts A collection of links to various Hebrew manuscripts.
Dead Sea Scrolls in English Translations of various Gnostic texts.
Dead Sea Scrolls Online View the texts online.
Digital Dead Sea Scrolls The real deal.
The Great Isaiah Scroll In photograph form.
Online Talmud You'll need to have some background knowledge in order to make meaningful use of this site.
Old Talmudic Manuscript Hundreds of years old, in fact.
Anatomy of a Talmudic Page Written in French; useful for understanding what the Talmud contains.
SHEBANQ Text Database of the Hebrew Bible So good that Ricky Martin sang about it in 2000: "SHEBANQ! SHEBANQ! Looking up those Hebrew verbs, the verbs..." Anyway, it's an open access and open source text database for the Hebrew bible. If you're serious about the Hebrew Bible and computational lexical resources, this is for you.
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