Resource Description
Vulgate Online Easy to navigate between pages, and it includes an English translation alongside.
Another Vulgate Online Easy to read and access.
Multilingual Bible Program Contains the Church Slavonic, Greek, Latin, French, and German texts of the Bible, plus others. A wonderful program. You must enter a password to install it. To get the password, visit http://yegor.info/bible and email the proprietor. He will respond quickly with the password. Don't wait, get it now!
The Unbound Bible Bible texts online in many languages with parallel viewing.
Judeopedia A French site with a very convenient side-by-side Bible with Hebrew, French, English, Latin, and Greek. Can also produce PDF files. An excellent site.
Biblos Scripture Text Choose a passage to view in a number of languages. Contains an embedded lexicon.
Blue Letter Bible Another multilanguage biblical comparison tool.
Perseus Project For information on how to use the Perseus Project website, see the how-to page.
Latin Library Easy to navigate, especially if you already know what you are looking for.
Corpus Scriptorum Latinorum An extensive collection of texts and information.
Duke Latin Manuscripts Online Images and descriptions.
PHI Latin Collection A beautiful online collection of many, many authors.
Bibliotheca Augustana Another great collection of online texts, organized by century.
Intratext Ancient and medieval authors online.
The Silver Muse A site dedicated to Roman poetry.
Itinera Electronica Many authors with many texts; a concordance, and the ability to generate vocab lists by text (!). Utterly spectacular.
Roman Law Library Texts and translations in several languages.
Latin Texts Online - Alpheios A few texts online but it is difficult to use and not finished, it seems.
Tertullian Online So good he has his own website.
Aesop's Fables in Latin With illustrations.
Introduction to Greek and Latin Epigraphy For absolute beginners.
Introduction to Classical Latin Literature More of a reference work.
Latin Literature An older book.
Latin Literature of the Empire This link is for prose.
Cicero Select Orations Very interesting to read.
Extracts from Cicero Cicero wrote about many different subjects and his works are always entertaining.
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