Resource Description
Mayan Comparative Vocabulary A massive online database of entries on words from various languages. You can log in as a guest to use it. Make sure to see the information page if you have questions--there's stuff about the symbols, the entry format, and so on.
Dictionary of Maya Hieroglyphs A very nice list, and easy to get around.
Spanish-Mayan Dictionary Knowing Spanish is going to help for a lot of Mayan resources.
Swadesh List Lots of common words in Mayan languages.
Vocabulary Zinacantán Tzotzil With over 1000 entries, this can be a good choice.
Vocabulary Q'eqchi' Nearly 2000 entries in this one.
K'iche'-English Dictionary A very nice PDF file with lots of entries.
Mayan Mini-Dictionaries Click the dialect down the page, and there are links that follow to VERY brief wordlists.
A short Itza-Maya vocabulary In PDF format.
Mam-Spanish dictionary All on the same page, with quite a few entries.
English-Yucatec Dictionary A decent-sized wordlist.
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