Resource Description
Anglo-Saxon Gospels A PDF download of about 22.2 MB.
Anglo-Saxon Individual Gospels This link goes to Matthew.
The Labyrinth Search by category and find primary texts written in the language.
Oxford Manuscripts Search this page for "old english" and "anglo-saxon" to see the offerings.
Old English Aerobics Anthology Extremely useful--interactive readings and grammar helps to learn the language right.
Beowulf Online Much better than that awful movie.
Old and Middle English Texts Divided by centuries.
Complete Corpus of Anglo-Saxon Poetry Many different items.
Aelfric's Homilies On Judith, Esther, and Maccabees. Includes grammar helps and a glossary. See also the "teaching texts" in the upper left, which provide some more commentary.
Eschatological Homilies The link to the texts is on the left, called "Homilies." Be sure to view them as glossed (link is at the top after choosing a text) to get vocabulary help.
An Anglo-Saxon Reader From the Germanic lexicon page.
An Anglo-Saxon Reader PDF From Google Books.
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