Resource Description
The Anglo-Norman Dictionary This is the best resource for Old French around.
Lexique d'ancien fran├žais The whole site is in French.
Old French Master Glossary Linked to a bunch of different texts.
Old French Base Form Dictionary Similar to the link above, but with truncated and more general forms.
English-Old French Glossary A very long list of words.
Historical French Dictionaries Going back to the 1600's, viewable all on the same page.
A dictionary of the Norman or Old French language Pulled from a ton of different sources; viewable online or in a PDF.
A Dictionarie of the French and English Tongues From 1611--you can download the whole thing in a giant PDF too.
Old French Dictionary Organized by letter, as most dictionaries are.
English-Old French Dictionary You can change it to Old French-English by clicking on the left side.
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