Resource Description
Frisian Dictionaries Various text files, with various modern languages as well.
Frisian Lemma List Click "search" on the left side to start; enter a word, and then click "Betsjutting" at the bottom for the meaning (in Dutch), or "Kwic" for a list of places that the word appears.
Glossary of Frisian-English A part of an older book in PDF form.
West Frisian Phrasebook For traveling back in time, and for going to places where they speak Frisian today.
West Frisian Wordlist About 200 words.
Frisian Wörterbuch An older dictionary, written in German.
Ostfriesisches Wörterbuch Also very old, and also in German.
An attempt at a Frisian-Dutch dictionary Just an attempt, mind you! You'll need to know Dutch.
Glossarium der friesischen Sprache Also written in German, a freely available PDF.
Altfriesischen Wörterbuch Might be even older, but still written in German.
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