Resource Description
West Frisian Grammar An older book, but covers many different topics.
Phonology and Grammar of West Frisian Another link to the same book above--probably the best bet for English speakers.
Grammar course in Frisian Various lessons and vocabulary--probably shouldn't be your first ancient language, though. Choose the language you want from the middle section.
Taalportal Frisian Linguistics This site appears to be under active development--grammar topics on the left side.
Frisian grammar notes To accompany the lessons above; availalbe in other languages as well.
West Frisian Phonology A useful set of tables and instructions.
West Frisian Grammar on Wikipedia A helpful introduction.
Grammar of North Frisian Written in German as well.
Frisische Sprachlehre Lessons in German, from a very old book.
Altfriesisches Lesebuch mit Grammatik und Glossar In German, unfortunately.
West Frisian Number Rules For counting in Frisian!
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