Resource Description
Integrated Frisian Language Database Click "search" on the left side, then enter a word and click "Kwic" at the bottom of the pop-up. You'll then see a list of places where that word occurs.
Codex Unia Viewable in various parts.
Titus Frisian Corpus Select the text you want in the bottom right-hand window.
Written Frisian examples The Lord's prayer, and a few other things, with audio.
Altfriesisches Lesebuch That means it's a Frisian reader!
Thet Freske Riim A very old Frisian poem
Frisian Texts Not for the beginner, this one.
Bible in Frisian In a nice (modern) PDF file.
Gospel of Matthew in Frisian From a book in PDF form.
Twitter accounts in Frisian Useful for picking up the vernacular, I guess?
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