Resource Description
Old Persian Inscription Lexicon A very old book, but still useful!
Old Persian Master Glossary From the now-legendary University of Texas project.
Old Persian Base Form Dictionary Part of the same project.
Old Persian-English Meaning Index The last part of the UTexas project.
Old Persian Grammar, Texts, and Lexicon In this book you get--you guessed it--grammar, texts, and a lexicon.
Ancient Persian lexicon With the text of inscriptions.
Cuneiform supplement to the lexicon Accompanies the lexicon above.
Guide to the Old Persian inscriptions Even older than the grammar!
Critical notes to the Old Persian inscriptions Once again, accompanies the resource above.
German-Old Persian dictionary A very old book in PDF form.
Die Keilinschriften der Achämeniden A book in German about the inscriptions.
Pahlavi Dictionary Pahlavi is a middle Iranian form of the language.
An Etymological Dictionary of Persian And of other languages.
Persian-English dictionary Could be useful, depending on how much you already know about Persian.
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