Resource Description
Turkic World A site for the history and culture of Turkey.
Old Turkic Font You'll need it for viewing the blogs below.
Old Turkic Script and Runes A possible connection? Check it out here.
Turkic Text Converter For going between Latin-based languages and Turkic; hard to use, though.
List of Old Turkic Articles They're all in Turkish, it looks like.
Turkic Keyboard Click "help" if you haven't installed the font yet!
Turkish Language Instruction in the US A list of universities that offer courses.
Lexical-Semantic Analysis of the Ancient Turkic Place Names An article published in 2013.
Old Turkic Tumblr There's actually a lot of interesting stuff on here, which is surprising.
Gokbeyuluc Blog You'll need to have the font installed to view this blog properly.
Fankibiber Blog Same here--you'll need the font for this blog to work properly.
Kokturukce Blog Once again, you'll need the right font for this one.
Gokturkce Another site written in Turkish--Google Translate in the browser can fix it!
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