Resource Description
Sanskrit Noun Forms Generator Will show forms of a noun. Appears to require Sanskrit character entry.
Sanskrit Verb Forms Generator Similar to the noun form generator; this is a fairly advanced lexical tool and it will help to know some Sanskrit.
Sanskrit Morph Analyzer Enter a word to see many different linguistic features.
The Sanskrit Grammarian A declension and conjugation tool available for online use.
The Sanskrit Reader Companion Parsing for simple phrases.
Sanskrit Flash Cards 3200 (!) words in a very well-formatted PDF file.
Handbook for Sandhi Rules Written by someone with a PhD, so you know it's good.
Sanskrit Workbook The link goes to the first file; replace the "01" in the URL with "02," "03," etc., in order to see the others. This collection could also be appropriately called "Deformed Monkeys Speaking Sanskrit." These are literally the worst illustrations I have ever seen in a language-learning text.
Sanskrit Verb Charts A really nice PDF file.
Verb Conjugation Tables For many different groups of verbs.
Declensions and Conjugations Easy to navigate and very helpful.
Sanskrit Noun Charts Many different and very useful charts.
Sanskrit Tables Many tables, but the entire text is in Sanskrit.
Basic Noun Charts A small collection.
Sanskrit Exercises You'll need to know the script. The link goes to the first; replace the "1" at the end to go to the second, third, etc. There are 50 total.
Devanagari Flashcards A very nice file of the letters and letter combinations.
Devanagari Practice Manual A downloadable file to practice writing the letters.
Learn Devanagari Script A cool online help system.
Devanagari Transliteration Practice Transliteration is very common for Sanskrit. Just cover up the second line of the group and practice your transliteration.
A Guide to Sanskrit Prosody For use in studying poetry.
Sanskrit Meter Recognizer Appears to allow a few different types of input.
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