Resource Description
Sanskrit Grammar Online From William Dwight Whitney.
Sanskrit Grammar Online From the University of Texas, another in their series.
Sanskrit Grammar Online Textbook Many different grammar topics.
A Dictionary of Sanskrit Grammar From 1986, a PDF file.
The Sanskrit Grammarian A declension and conjugation tool available for online use.
Practical Grammar of Sanskrit "One must always be practical in one's choice of both dictionaries and grammars." - Lexicity
Practical Grammar of the Sanskrit Language "See above." - Lexicity
A Sanskrit Grammar for Students From the OUP in 1927.
A Small Sanskrit Grammar As always, for the use of schools.
A Higher Sanskrit Grammar Intended to be a more in-depth explanation of the grammar than the small one.
More Sanskrit Lessons Make sure to get a font.
Practical Sanskrit Introductory Easy to navigate, all online.
Master Sanskrit Easily All Roman characters. The link is to the introduction.
Sanskrit Online Lessons Lesson files are in PDF format.
First and Second Books of Sanskrit The link goes to the first book.
Introductory Course for Sanskrit Based on another grammar.
Step By Step Sanskrit Takes it step by step after leaping the first staircase, it seems, because this does not start with the basics.
Speak Sanskrit the Easy Way The hard way is sitting around with a bunch of kids trying to understand the language, like the one white kid on the cover of this book is doing. Learn from him; don't do it the hard way.
Student's Guide to Sanskrit Composition Perhaps both the hardest and best thing to do for one's grammar in an ancient language.
Learn Sanskrit Online Lessons A few very basic lessons.
Sanskrit Pronunciation Program A downloadable file. Audio is clear! Audio is clear! Audio is clear!
Elementary Grammar of Sanscrit Not our typo.
A Sanskrit Grammar for Beginners With Roman letters!
Introduction to Sanskrit Courses Written in Spanish.
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