Resource Description
Dukhrana Lexicon Easy to search; simply a great resource.
Smith's Syriac Dictionary Online, fairly easy to navigate.
ATOUR Lexicon Requires a Syriac font; contains instructions on how to install the font.
Jennings' Lexicon PDF Downloadable, but is huge: 50 MB.
Syriac-Arabic-English Dictionary Difficult to navigate; use Google Chrome to help. Supports Syriac character entry.
Syriac-French-English Dictionary A PDF of more manageable size, around 9 MB.
Concordance of Aramaic Texts Also part of the CAL.
Compendious Syriac Dictionary An enormous PDF file.
Thesaurus Syriacus See also part two and the supplement.
Syriac-Greek Dictionary of the NT In German.
Syriac-Latin Dictionary Written in Latin.
Lexicon Syriacum By Carl Brockelmann.
Another Lexicon Syriacum Perhaps George Washington used it. You never know.
Treasure of the Syriac Language Also see volume two.
A Third Lexicon Syriacum This one comes in three volumes.
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