Resource Description
Compendious Syriac Grammar The file size is quite compendious as well: just over 100 MB.
Peshitta Grammar Analyzer Display a New Testament verse, then analyze each word in the verse. Linked to a lexicon. Absolutely invaluable.
Another Grammar Analyzer Includes a tool to make verb charts, but it doesn't work well yet.
Syriac Grammar with Chrestomathy By Eberhard Nestle.
Elements of Syriac Grammar Via the inductive method.
Introductory Syriac Method Includes a manual.
Syriac Grammar Uhlemann and Hutchinson.
German Syriac Grammar Uhlemann's original work.
Principles of Syriac Grammar Hoffmann and Cowper.
Grammatica Syriaca Hoffmann again.
Grammar of Modern Syriac From 1855.
Elements of Syriac Grammar #2 Not by an inductive method.
Treatise on Syriac Grammar In French.
Learn Assyrian Online Learn the Syriac-Aramaic language online.
Learn Syriac From the Syriac Orthodox Church in Canada.
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