Resource Description
Peshitta Online Probably the best resource if you're online. Includes a grammatical analyzer.
Online Syriac NT The entire New Testament on a single page. English titles, so easy to search.
Interlinear Syriac NT Navigate with the links on the left; much more than just this.
Syriac Sinaitic Very old copies of the gospels.
The Unbound Bible Bible texts online in many languages with parallel viewing.
Beautiful NT PDF files These are really well-done. A joy to read.
NT Peshitta .doc files Font is on this page as well.
The Syriac-Aramaic Peshitta Site is in German, links to the text are on the right.
Old Testament Peshitta The OT in Syriac. Nice PDF files.
Syriac Studies Reference Library By BYU; easy to use and navigate.
Basic Church fathers texts From Eusebius of Caesarea, Joshua the Stylite, and Thomas of Edessa.
Mingana Syriac Collection No, we have no idea what "Mingana" is either.
Online Syriac Manuscripts Links to outside sites.
Fragments of the Iliad From a Syriac palimpsest.
A Tract of Plutarch "On the advantage to be derived from one's enemies."
Chronicle of Joshua the Stylite Translation by Wright.
Ecclesiastical History of Eusebius Also edited by Wright.
History of Mar Jab-Alaha Notes in French.
Apocrypha in Syriac Various books of the OT.
Syriac Legend of St. Alexis With a translation in French.
Ammonas, Successor Greek and Syriac texts
Life of Schenoudi Unedited, in French.
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